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The largest pharmacy chain in Central Europe automates repetitive tasks with RPA bots

The largest pharmacy chain in Central Europe automates repetitive tasks with RPA bots

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Dr. Max


Python, Selenium, Linux



Year of cooperation

2019 – now

Our Role

RPA bots (Robotic Process Automation)

— Business analysis: audit and specification
— Development of a tool concept based on problems identified by the business

— Software development
— Maintenance + SLA

Sebastian Religa


Our clients are increasingly looking for solutions that allow them to automate repetitive business processes. This is where Robotic Process Automation technology comes in, involving the implementation of so-called bots, i.e. system robots. RPA bots perform tasks such as searching, sorting data, starting processes and executing steps in those processes without human assistance.

For our client – Dr. Max company, we have developed 2 RPA bots solving different operational problems, but with one common idea – to optimise employees’ working time.


What has our client gained from implementing RPA bots?

  • Time optimization – freeing up employees from repetitive administrative duties so that they can devote their time to more demanding tasks.
  • Efficiency improvementsignificant improvement in the delivery time of the required information by automating the process

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