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Software and chargers for electric cars with a modern image website.

Software and chargers for electric cars with a modern image website.

Innovation in the area of electric car charging processes requires the right positioning and user experience. We implemented the design concept in a “pixel-perfect” way.







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Anna Arak-Stachacz


Using React for web development might just be your goldmine if you want to build a web app like Netflix or Airbnb. NEXITY wished. In order to provide a coherent customere experience on the whole path of user contact with the brand, we decided to use React technology on the first touchpoint – the image website.

React for web development would be a great choice if your project has many elements that require different, often-changing states. These could be expanding/collapsing navigation items, open/close accordions, interactive elements like inputs and links and so on.


How will the new website help NEXITY achieve their goals?

  • Builds brand image and awareness as a modern solution for electric car owners. Due to storytelling on the level of message and image, and great execution, introduces the user to the ecosystem of NEXITY tools and solutions. 
  • Standing out from the competition – NEXITY modern portal is a complete contrast to the way their competitors in the  industry communicate.

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